Dr. Zhiwei Yang

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Role: Post-doctoral Researcher

Biography: Zhiwei Yang receives his bachelor degree and Ph.D. degree in Tsinghua University in China. His Ph.D. research focused on dynamic modeling of entrained flow gasification systems. He joined Washington University in St. Louis and LACER as a post-doctoral researcher in 2014.

Research: Traditional coal power plants are facing lots of critics due to their large carbon emissions. However, coal is one the most important fuels which supports the total energy consumptions in the world. The role of coal in the energy systems in the U.S. will not change significantly in the near future. A large amount of energy supply, especially power supply, would still rely on coal combustion.

In order to mitigate the impacts of coal utilization on the climate change, advanced low carbon-emission coal technology should be developed. Currently, LACER is developing a staged, pressurized oxy-combustion technology. The process incorporates fuel-staged combustion mode for power plants designed for carbon management. The approach permits control of temperature and heat flux associated with oxy-combustion. The potential benefits of the process are higher efficiency and lower capital and operating costs. Reduced gas volumes, oxygen and auxiliary power demands, and increased CO2 purity in the flue gas are additional anticipated benefits.

The primary focus of Dr. Yang's research is to develop dynamic process models and also CFD simulation tools for the staged, pressurized oxy-combustion technology. The models will be used to guide the combustion reactor design and to evaluate the reliability and economics of the system.