Yuanzi Sun

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Personal Profile: Yuanzi Sun holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University in China. She joined Washington University in St Louis and LACER in 2015.

Research Profile: The high cost of electricity in first-generation oxy-combustion largely stems from the production of oxygen in the Air Separation Unit, and from the compression and purification of carbon dioxide. Staged, Pressurized oxy-combustion can improve the overall cycle efficiency and reduce the cost of equipment and CO2 purification costs. A technology for effective removal of SOx and NOx from flue gas with simultaneous recovery of latent heat in pressurized oxy-coal combustion is needed.

However, the detailed chemical mechanism responsible for removal under high pressure is not well understood. Her current focus is to develop a simplified reaction mechanism on elimination of SOx and NOx species according to the experiment data. In the future, the process modelling can obtain more accurate predictions and help design efficient pollution removal facilities of pressurized combustion.