Wendong Wu

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Personal Profile: Wendong Wu received a Bachelor degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering in Tsinghua University. He joined Washington University in St. Louis in 2011 and LACER in 2012. His PhD research focused on the fundamental studies of flame structure through atomic ratio and the laser diagnosis of flame. Wendong passed his proposal defense in Mar 2014.

Research Profile: More than 85% of the energy production in United States comes from the combustion process. The fuel and oxidizer are the inputs of combustion; while the heat and exhaust as the outputs are determined by the mixing and reacting of fuel and oxidizer. Maximizing the heat generation in combustion is of great interest; in the meanwhile, there has been increasing concern about the pollution caused by exhaust of combustion. The largest barriers in understanding the flame are the complicated mixture compositions and reactions in the reacting flow. Thus, a better description of the combustion from both mixing and reacting perspective is crucial as the starting point of flame analysis.

In LACER, we proposed atomic ratio as new variable to characterize the flame, which showed its capability in reducing the complexity in reacting flow and better describing the flame from both the chemical and physical perspective. Through which, we are able to grasp the fundamental combustion characteristics and have a better understanding of the flame structure. The laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in LACER provides a straightforward way to measure the atomic ratios in the flame.